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Thursday, October 10, 2019

Random Thoughts

Today we again have no school as many parts are having the power turned off. No electricity means that many appointments here for doctors, etc. have been cancelled. It means that I am to have a day just to read as the amount of reading material has been piling up in my room. The talent show has been postponed to January so I do not need to work on the skit.

Yesterday and earlier today, I could not get internet access to my computer. Now, I hope, since I was able to get into my blog, I can send and receive. I have no trouble with my I-pad but only my computer. Our receptionist lives in Half Moon Bay and said she has no power and her children's schools are closed. I was supposed to go for my yearly check-up for my eyes, but the office is closed. I am relishing the idea of a quiet day.

I keep thinking about the book of Jonah. He tried to run away from God, but God did not allow him to escape his vocation to be a prophet. First, the storm at sea when he was trying to go the opposite direction, then, realizing that God had sent the storm, he told the sailors to throw him overboard. God again intervened by sending the huge fish to swallow him but not to harm him. After three days and nights, the fish deposits him on a beach and he does go to preach repentance. He succeeds in getting the entire city to repent, but he is angry that God is so merciful and will not punish the inhabitants. God is always merciful and I think Pope Francis is teaching us how to reach out to others in compassion and mercy.

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