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Monday, October 21, 2019

The need for prayer

California does not have a real autumn when the air is crisp, the leaves turn and then fall. Still, some of our trees are turning color and it is getting dark earlier and our nights are colder. I love this time of the year. 

I have been having some serious conversations with Jesus about the state of the world. I can only pray, but there is so much that needs to change in our own country. I feel helpless but that is when Jesus comes and He knows what is going on and perhaps all the messiness is a sign that we need to pray more and try to really work for change. I would like to change the way we are treating our climate, the immigrants, the refugees, and cannot understand how we continue to allow guns to be sold so freely.  I think we have forgotten the common good. All of this is a call to prayer, 

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