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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Welcoming People on the Move continued

Countless people risk their lives to escape war, persecution, poverty and natural disasters. "Our commitment to JPIC compels us to re-examine how we stand in solidarity with those who are at these "frontiers". In light of an ethic of caring, we ask ourselves:
--Do we care about the people, displaced by war and other forms of conflict?
Do we care about those who are forced to migrate in order to escape poverty and violence?
Do we care about the people affected by destruction cause by extreme natural disasters? 
Do we care about our earth and its creatures as they (and we) suffer from the impact of climate change and environmental degradation? 

Do we care, or have we become numbed by the bombardment of images in mass media and social media? Are we moved to acts of care or are we overwhelmed by feelings of helplessness,
paralyzed by fear, or occupied by ….
Do we care, or have we inadvertently fallen into the trap of what Pope Francis calls the "globalization of indifference"?

Please take time to reflect on these questions and our attitudes toward all suffering displacement for whatever reason.

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