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Monday, September 30, 2019

Welcoming People on the Move

We now come to the 4th and last imperative given in our JPIC document: Welcoming People on the Move: Walking with those who seek refuge and hope for a better future.

"Whereas RSCJ and members of the Sacred Heart family are called by the 2016 General Chapter "to reach new frontiers," there are people and families who are pushed into "frontiers". Displace by poverty, violence, and environmental degradation, they are forced to leave their home, plunge into the unknown, and seek refuge in lands and cultures not their own."

I am just giving us a small amount to reflect on each day this week; we are almost at the end of the document, but this is an imperative that I feel very strongly is a call to every person living in the United States. We need to welcome these displaced people with open arms. Instead we are turning them away or putting them in cages in detention for weeks and months; separating families from their children, etc.

I am leaving all of this in bold today as it is so important for us to work to really welcome those who seek refuge with us!

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