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Friday, September 20, 2019

Our own complicity

Our JPIC document tells us the "we are called now to a new moment of awareness and to express all this in more concrete ways as artisans of hope with an ethic of caring. Now, that which is not evident until we 'create silence (2016 Chapter) and listen generatively, comes to the fore: Our own complicity in systems of injustice."

When we share experiences of vulnerability in a generative way, we open our hearts, minds, and wills to new perspectives and we unleash creativity for new ways of being and acting. We then understand more fully that it is undeniably essential to be educated and to educate about the complexity of normative global systems that touch our own local RSCJ communities and personal lives, and how we may actually be contributing, albeit inadvertently, to the very structures we wish to transform."

That should give us enough to reflect on today. It makes me ask how I might be contributing to an unjust system?

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