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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Power is a reality

To continue with the section on our relationships of power, we know that "Power is a reality with which to contend in the Society of the Sacred Heart. Power is available to us in a variety of ways:
knowledge, culture, language, use of information, roles and services entrusted to us, access to funds, just to name a few. Power affects the way we relate in community, live our vow of obedience, collaborate with people and groups in our ministries, and value or, at times, hold on to, the ministries entrusted to us."

"We are not called to be a star that shines alone, but rather to be part of a constellation in the universe..."

It is necessary for us "to exercise critical self-reflection about our concept and exercise of power and authority."

"We need to harness power, especially our shared power, and put it at the service of mission and the common good.. The desire to care and be artisans of hope becomes sentimental and fruitless without the power to act on it....As Sacred Heart educators, we are convinced that 'to educate is in itself and act of justice' and we take to heart the call of the 2008 Chapter 'to orient all our educative endeavors toward creating relationships of equality, inclusion, non-violence, and harmony, believing that to have life, and life in abundance, is the deepest desire of God."

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