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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Transforming and Being Transformed

The second imperative for our time given in our JPIC document is Transforming and Being transformed: advocacy that begins with soul-searching honesty. Transformation is not the same as change. Transformation is always the fruit of an Encounter. It is "the Spirit dwelling within us that gradually transforms us, enabling us through His power to remove whatever hinders the Spirit's action."

JPIC is also a work of "structural transformation that involves the Spirit: communal, social, political, economic, ecological, planetary, and cosmic transformation. One integrated movement weaves together the contemplative and active aspects of our Sacred Heart charism. Our mission is to discover and make known God's love. Transformation through an ethic of caring implies our participation in person, local and global transformation. At its foundation our conviction is that JPIC is rooted in the experience of God's compassion, which evokes a caring response at all levels, always guided by the Spirit. Seeing the world through the perspective of God's compassion, engaging in education and prayerful reflection, and acting from a deep place of love all help us to see transformation as a value, a goal, and a way of live."

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