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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

How am I responding?

In June, we receive a wonderful document that is the Statement of the JPIC Commitment. It is long and contains so much to reflect on that I am going to be copying a bit each day at least for a time as it is important for all of us. It begins by telling us:
"Our world is at an historic paradoxical moment. It holds new possibilities while it is also wrought with inequality, suffering, and violence. As such, we are citizens of a world that is both broken and blessed. We feel profoundly the cry of the poor and the pain of the earth. We desire to participate in the care of "our common home" - working against injustices, constructing peaceful inter-relationships, and protecting the earth." 

Wow, how am I doing this? Now, if there is something in bold print, it is because that is what I had underlined when reading it.  
The document continues: 
"As family of the Sacred Heart, we are called to respond 'as One Body,' drawing from our charism and mission as educators. This means growing in a shared vision that allows us to understand the complexity of the political, economic, and social systems that confront us; increasing awareness of how we ourselves may be complicit in injustice; and deepening practices rooted in an integral ecology."

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