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Monday, September 23, 2019

Back to studying

California seems to be having summer weather right up to the end of September. I think it is difficult for the young students here on campus as they would prefer to be at the beach. Fortunately, the classes are interesting and our students have a great deal of self-discipline and are very much into the school routine. 
I want to continue with our JPIC document.

There are several questions in the JPIC document that we should take time to reflect on and then act. We are to act locally with a shared global vision. Here is a quote: "We are aware that while our work with others happens in local contexts, we are also global citizens. This is due not only to our membership as part of an international body, or our being called to be and act as One Body. It is largely because we are all affected by the many realities in our world. We are becoming more and more conscious that our involvement at the grassroots level contributes to transforming systems with national or global reach. Moreover, our responsibilities as global citizens and the transformation of minds, hearts, and actions that we desire to intersect with our Sacred Heart spirituality: 'Our Spirituality is embodied by our becoming global citizens and it revitalizes our vocation to transform the world with the hearts and minds of educators.'"
How do global realities affect my/our educative ministry?

What concrete steps do I/we take to act locally with a shared global vision and with whom is it shared?

Plenty for all of us to think about today!

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