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Monday, September 9, 2019

Paths fascinate me...

Sometimes my prayer seems to take me along a new path. It is exciting as I never know where it is leading me and I just go.

To continue with the Introduction to our JPIC Document, certain opportunities, invitations, and challenges for moving forward were identified: "We are rooted in and draw strength from the well of a very long tradition of working for justice and peace. Our spirituality impels us toward transformation through our contemplation of the pierced Heart of Jesus. This tradition binds us to one another and to others in our common efforts to act our of compassion in order to relieve suffering and effect change in our wounded world." 
The italics are mine and I am hoping this is true. Is my spirituality impelling me toward transformation through the contemplation of the pierced Heart of Jesus? I hope so, but there is so much suffering in our world; I am glad others are out there doing what they can to relieve the suffering and to effect change. I pray for this. And I pray for each of us to know the path God is calling us to follow at every given moment!

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