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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Contemplating the pierced Heart of Christ....

Continuing with the Statement of the JPIC Commitment of the Society of the Sacred Heart:
"Contemplation of the pierced Heart of Jesus in the heart of wounded humanity impels us to be in solidarity with the displaced and excluded, to defend the victims of abuse of power, and to commit ourselves to search for systemic changes.

Care for relationships is at the root of our tradition. We want to develop this tradition in new, more profound ways. Today, we are more sensitive to the importance of interrelationships, and so we would like to strengthen collaboration with other groups equally committed to justice, peace, and integrity of creation. We recognize, as well, the urgency to enliven collaboration among ourselves and with the entire Sacred Heart family. This unity gives us more energy and creativity to transform unjust structures."

This is calling me to examine how I am in solidarity with all those today who are displaced and excluded and also to look at new ways of collaboration. It gives me something to reflect on right now
 as I imagine how the Heart of Jesus looks on those we have put in cages, separated from their children, and those who are seeking refuge in our country but are not allowed to enter; the plight of the refugees is very real and heartbreaking.

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