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Friday, September 6, 2019


Today, I begin to share some of the thoughts from the Introduction to the JPIC document. It begins with a quote from our Chapter of 2016 -" To be One Body which loves, practices and gives witness to justice, peace, and integrity of creation at all levels of our life and mission." This provided the impetus for convening the international meeting in the Philippines in November of 2018.

"In preparation for this meeting, the entire Society and members of the Sacred Heart family engaged in a reflection process that held three goals:
1, To live compassion by coming together to listen deeply to the cries of humanity and the entire earth community.
2. To establish relationships that impel us to act as One Body and decide how we are to pursue our JPIC commitment.
3. To transform attitudes and actions in view of deepening our expression of JPIC for the Society's life and mission.

The synthesis of the responses generated by this process highlighted some important aspects of our JPIC story. . ."

To be continued tomorrow, but let us reflect on how we are living compassion, relationships and transformation in our own lives.

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