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Monday, September 16, 2019

Power, a share in the Spirit's energy....

The artisans of hope document demonstrates that "the reality of power cuts across the different areas of our JPIC engagement. This demands, therefore, that we educate ourselves and learn to exercise power in a way that humanizes our world and generates hope. More specifically, in at least two ways:
1. Our formation programs should include spaces for critical self-reflection and dialogue on power and authority in relation to: how we live our vocation; practice discernment; and exercise co-responsibility for our life and mission. In addition, there should be an opportunity to examine our use and possible misuse of power in our personal relationships, our life in community, and within the different structures of the Society of the Sacred Heart.
2. Provinces should design and implement systematic programs that enable each and all of us to grow in the  understanding and use of power as artisans of hope.

Through these opportunities, we hope to grow together, not only in the transformative attitudes and skills needed for right relationships among ourselves, but also to follow the example of Jesus, who calls us to love one another and 'wash one another's feet.'"

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