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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Oakwood Talent Show

I am delighted that I have finished the Artisans of Hope document but thought it important enough to use my blog space to cover it in small sections. Now I am free to talk about our life at Oakwood and what is giving me great joy. 
Yesterday I went with my spirituality group of Mothers for a day of retreat at Villa Maria del Mar. We really enjoy doing this twice a year. Now, I am engaged in writing a script for my Sisters who live in Westwood so we can do something together for the Talent Show which is October 16. I have an idea, but the script is not yet written and I will need to concentrate on it tomorrow.
We do keep busy here and our construction has been a real trial for many. We will eventually have a new front door, a widened street for drop offs, a sidewalk, several new small rooms and three huge bathrooms for handicapped persons as our were too small for wheel chairs. It is still a mess, but hopefully the end is in sight - I think we are hoping for November now.

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