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Thursday, October 3, 2019

More questions seeking answers

At the end of the 4th imperative in Being artisans of Hope in Our Blessed and Broken World, we are asked how do we:
1. Employ different platforms to raise awareness and educate ourselves and others about the plight of people on the move in our different countries and contexts (e.g. international meetings and fora, web resources and printed materials)?

2. Exert greater effort to appreciate diversity, grow in the attitudes and skills of interculturality, and allow ourselves to be transformed by relationships and encounters with people on the move?

3. Tap the potential of our internationality so that we can share the resources needed to sustain programs and activities that accompany migrants and refugees, and help them to rebuild their lives?

4. Open communities, whenever and wherever possible, or initiate opportunities for volunteer work at the borders and margins where migrants and/or refugees live?

Through our myriad efforts, whether in action, reflection, or prayer, how do we provide concrete expression to Jesus' invitation to those who are weary and overburdened to come, find rest, and learn from His Heart (Matthew 11:28-30)?

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