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Thursday, October 17, 2019

The Shadow Side of Joy

David Richo tells us that "the shadow side of joy is in the opposite of acceptance of change. It is in believing that joy will last forever, a denial of the condition of nature that all is transient. To say yes to the givens of life is devotion to her. That yes helps us since by it, we let go of our ego clinging, the most inveterate obstacle to authentic joy. This is the joy of equanimity in the midst of shifting predicaments and shifting feelings in a shifting world--what is meant by joy in any circumstance. We then not only accept things as they are; we savor them. The shadow proves to be our ally once we befriend it."
I am not sure this is easy for me - the joy in any circumstance; and I am sure Our Lady of Sorrows was not feeling joy while following Jesus on the way to Calvary. Four years ago one of my community whom I loved dearly, went to God quite suddenly. Carrollton is having a Mass for Marge Seitz today. 

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