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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Feast of Our Lady

 I think we all love Mary so much that the Liturgical Calendar is full of her feasts. This is the birthday of Our Lady. I doubt that it is her real birthday, but we do celebrate birthdays and so this date was picked. My sister used to have a birthday party for Mary. First, those invited said the rosary together and then they had a delicious lunch and a birthday cake. I think this year she cannot have it as she and her husband are sheltering in place, but they do go to daily Mass.

We have had some bushes planted outside of our front door and they line our new sidewalk, too. We have a new look now that the construction is finished. The irony is that we now have two lovely little parlors for visitors, but no one is allowed to come in to visit! We are staying safe and praying for so many who are suffering at this time. Our prayer board is full of intentions. 

Because of the lockdown, I do not have much to say in my blog. I am looking forward to weekly visits by zoom and emails from my two Seniors from the Sacred Heart Society in the school. One is the younger brother of a boy I had four years ago and the other is a girl I do not know, but I am keeping up with another Senior girl that has been writing to me all summer because she thought the nuns might need to be "cheered up" since we are not having children come to see us. I must admit that I do miss the third graders who came weekly to read to me. The campus here is so beautiful, but empty of the usual groups of students going from one building to another and there is no noise from the football field yet. 

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