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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

What does God want from us?

 Today I will have the opportunity to see my senior student from last year before she leaves on Sunday for college. Most of her courses will be online. Her twin brother left for college last week and all of his courses, I believe, will be online. I am writing this on September 2 as I am scheduling ahead.

I have been using "The Inward Life: Extracts from the Letters of Mother Stuart" as it always helps me to go back to the good advice I always find from Mother Stuart. She told one that she was on the right track, "it is the gift of your heart that God wants above all in prayer, that you may both give to Him and receive Him. Keep it always uplifted with great expectations."

And then this advice: "In prayer it is often the very best just to leave yourself face to face with God without saying anything."

I am giving God the gift of my heart and trying to keep it always uplifted with great expectations. I think this time of more silence and solitude can be a grace, but one needs to make an effort to keep joyful as the news each day is bad news! Looking for the things to be grateful for in our lives is the best thing for us to do now. Joy is a gift but gratitude helps us to cultivate it.

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