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Friday, September 25, 2020

Time for vacation

 I find I am quite busy and wanting to do more than I can do so I have decided to take three days away from the blog. I really have not had a vacation from my daily posting so *I am now going to taike the next three days off as I have several zooms to prepare for and I am determined to finish clearing out my room. I began yesterday and have a box to fill for the many families who have lost their homes in the fires out here. I also was able to give some gifts to the grab bag that is being prepared for Christmas. Besides all of this, the material I want to read has piled up so I need to do some work. I have been playing too many games on Words with Friends and reading too many mysteries, but I also have enjoyed time just to be in silent prayer during this time of more solitude.

Yesterday I watched a video of Yosemite National Park - it is less than a day's drive, but I have never seen it and it is really beautiful. Maybe I will get there next year.

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