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Saturday, September 12, 2020

More from Mother Stuart on Prayer

 "Whatever happens, my dear child must keep the ideal up, and not be daunted by any failure to get there. You cannot expect to reach it at once, but if you keep on hoping, praying and trying you will get there in the end, but you will never know it. Nurse the spirit of prayer, all good comes from that, and it needs care to grow. Try to read a little of something spiritual every day, even if only for five minutes. It helps to keep the mind on heavenly things, and remember that all passes away except these heavenly things. Troubles pass, and fighting passes, and weariness and temptations, all except God and the life we live in Him. Pray then, and hold on, and may God and Our Lady be with you." p.40 in "The Inward Life"

It is good to remember that all does pass away; I remember still a nun saying to me when I was still in school, "What difference will this make in five years?" I guess now I often say "What difference will this make next week?" I love the thought that all passes except God and the life we live in Him. That helps us be aware of what really matters and so we can let go of other things.

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