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Monday, September 21, 2020

Women,, Carriers of a New Vision

 Someone sent me this and I kept it to copy into my blog - the only "signature" is SRN at the bottom.

"The mystery of life that holds the space in every atom bonds, passes us over to one another.

We women of the world are the vessels who make space where the world takes shape.

We hold the secret dialogues of flesh and Spirit.

We know another language out of time that can't be spoken - can only be held in a deep dark place, like a candle.

We are the players, the dancers - poised & listening to the rhythm of the universe.

We are the wine of the world, flesh transformed into the flow of joy.

We are the blossoms that ease through the jagged cracks in the earth's hard surface, and make of barrenness a garden.

We are the rainbow, the promise that contains floods; our tears wash the world. . . "

There is more, but it is the last line that I love: "We are the space where God happens."

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