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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

"God is really all and everything else is nothing"

 I am again quoting Mother Stuart in The Inward Life - these quotes are extracts from her letters but I so often feel that she is present and speaking to us right now.

"God is really all and everything else is nothing, and when you submit to Him and resign yourself to Him and lovingly kiss the hand that holds you, then you become one with the All: the great Power, Wisdom and Love that is God..."

In another letter Mother Stuart writes: "How much I have entered into your feelings, and into each day's offering as you make it to God. He knows best what is good for us and if He seems to close the avenues through which you would willingly have gone, devoting yourself to His service, it can only be to give you what is much better, a shorter way to Him and a more excellent way than any which one could have dreamed for you, or you for yourself. He is bringing home to you, whether you feel it or not, that to love Him is more than to serve Him, that to be submissive to Him is the greatest of all worship. So try to do the one thing worth doing, abandon yourself to His care and His love, and let Him love you in His own way, and try to agree with all that He does, that is best."

It seems to me that this is good advice for all of us during this time when we are to stay home.

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