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Tuesday, May 4, 2021

Remembering May Crownings

 One of our Religious who still teaches here in the lower grades told me that they would be having a May crowning this year for each group of 15 children; the oldest in the class will be crowning Our Lady; the youngest will carry the crown. The school used to borrow the statue of Our Lady that we have (and that was given by my cousin), but this year each class will process to the grotto in front of Oakwood. That means that I can watch from the Chapel. 

I am still using the prayer of memories and recalling the month of Mary when I was a boarder at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles. The Chapel is now the library, but I recall it vividly and loved the statue of Our Lady. I wonder what happened to it as I do not think it is in the new Shrine where St. Philippine Duchesne is now buried. The statue of Mater is now in the corridor leading to the Shrine and is as beautiful as ever. 

I want each of us to make this a special month honoring our own mothers and Mary. She watches over each of us with tender love. Perhaps we will make a imaginative crown of good deeds as Mary would like that. I am suppoed to be living this year is docility to the Holy Spirit, but find myself forgetting to discern my day. Things get done when I take time to discern how to organize my day. 

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