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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Be a Bridge, Why Not?

This picture continues to fascinate me. I think it has a message for me. I am to be a bridge between people; I am also to bridge two worlds that are in me. Then there is the bridge of crossing into the unknown, the bridge of union between God and me, the bridge that unites two sides and leads to peace...I am sure there are many other bridges in our lives but the point of a bridge is to unite and so it is an important symbol for all of us.
I have been pondering two quotes from our community prayer on Sunday; both are from the Constitutions of the Society of the Sacred Heart and I am going to share them here as I think they are both worth some reflection:
#14 "Of its nature, our service of education means creating community among ourselves and with others. It asks of us generous commitment, serious on-going formation and a broad critical vision of the world enlightened by faith."
I think the creating community is so important among ourselves and with others. I also think it does ask of us a generous commitment; am I really committed to a serious on-going formation?

#70 "To live the charism of St. Madeleine Sophie, as it is expressed in our constitutions, requires a formation that is at once strong, dynamic and continuous. This formation takes place in the light of faith, and it is rooted in our everyday experience and carried on through a network of relationships."
The bridge symbol helps me to think of building community and continuing my formation through relationships.

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