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Thursday, October 8, 2009

We are called to live in joy!

Children are so wonderful. I think that the joy of children is contagious. It is worth catching joy from a child, an older person, anyone! I think of holy people I have known and the virtue of joy stands out. I think all of them had a great sense of humor and I am sure that Jesus has one, too.
The homily today was about how much God loves us, but sometimes we feel that we pray and do not get what we ask for and maybe God is not listening. He is and He loves us but He knows what is best. We only see the rough side of the tapestry but after this life we will see the beautiful design on the other side that God has been helping us to weave on our spiritual journey.
In the book The Wisdom Jesus that I mentioned before, Cynthia Bourgeault offers a computer metaphor: "we human beings come into existence with a certain operating system already installed in us. We can make the choice to upgrade." Then she goes on to explain that the system already installed in us is a binary operating system. It runs on the power of "either/or" - some would call it the ego but Cynthia calls it the egic operating system. It is really a way of "making sense of the world by dividing the field into subject and object...and one of the most important tasks of early childhood is to learn how to run the operating system." There is another operating system of the heart. Rather than dividing and conquering, it "connects with a seamless and indivisible reality through a whole different way of organizing the informational field. And it is ours for the choosing." She tells us that the heart is primarity an organ of spiritual perception in the wisdom tradition.

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