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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A week to reflect, to relate, to recreate...

Today I leave for a week in St. Louis to visit friends and to have some time away from the computer - that is relative though as I will still be checking the online course and e-mail, but still it is time away and that is usually very fruitful for both time to reflect and to deepen relationships. I will be back on the blog next week so all my readers are on vacation, too.
I found yesterday's article on Mater by "googling" (this word is not in the computer's dictionary) and feel it is not too accurate, but will let it go for now. I just feel that Mater is so important in the lives of so many Sacred Heart alums all over the world that I want to make her known to others, too. I keep a picture of her on my desk at the University and love talking about her as she is a model for students. I guess I have her in front of me when I pray at home and another image of Mater is also on my desk at home. She leads us to Jesus.

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