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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Wisdom of Jesus

I am going to tell you a bit about a book I have just finished reading and intend to read most of it again. It is Cynthia Bourgeault's The Wisdom Jesus The subtitle is "Transforming Heart and Mind--a New Perspective on Christ and His Message" and was published last year by Shambhala. The first part in about the teachings of Jesus. The second part talks about the Mysteries of Jesus. The third part is about five Christian Wisdom Practices. I would like to write a review of the book, but it really is one that needs to be read again. I am conscious that I found a new perspective in this book and so think some of my readers may also enjoy it. I suspect I will write more on it later.

I also want to mention a series of lectures given at Duquesne University that can be found online at and the five are all given by great authors and theologians. The last, by Sandra Schneiders, I was sent in booklet form and I really would tell every theologian and biblical scholar to read it and think that anyone would like it as Sandra is very clear and has skill in developing her thought so she is easy to follow, but this gave me some new insights so I want to pass on the opportunity of another good online site.


Anne Welch said...

Thank you for your blog, Sister. I discovered it only this week. I have been frustrated by Catholic blogs vying to prove they are more Catholic than the other. I appreciate your gift of spiritual reflections

Helen said...

Thank you, Anne. I am just trying to share whatever I am reflecting on and also to keep a list of good contemporary books that enrich my own life and hopefully will help others. Helen