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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spirituality for Today's World

I just came across a paper that I had written for an international conference of Religious of the Sacred Heart held in Joigny, France, in 2004. Since the ideas still seem to resonate with me, I shall risk sharing a bit with you.
We are women consecrated to the Heart of Jesus; women who are loved and who love; women who both receive love and give love, not just our own love but the love of God.
We are a community of women following Jesus who came that all might have life in abundance. As women of prayer, we radiate His peace. Contemplating His Heart, we learn to be women of communion, women of compassion. Called to be God's Heart on earth, we are concerned about our world. It is the pierced Heart of Christ present in suffering humanity that calls us to respond. We reach out to others - as educators, as women engaged in diverse ministries, wherever we find ourselves- to give the love we have drawn from the Heart of Jesus. As His Heart is open for all, so our hearts are open to embrace the pain of our world. Hearts pierced by love let it flow forth freely to all in need."

More will follow as I will be going away for a week and want to be able to schedule ahead to keep the daily blog going.

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