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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Blog Day

Today is a day when you can read a thousand blogs all calling for climate change or at least begging help for the environment. I hope my readers will sign the petition, if you have not yet done so.
Senators Kerry and Boxer have introduced a climate bill that protects the EPA, a bold step that deserves to be commended. But Big Coal and Big Oil will stop at nothing to strangle the EPA, and maintain the status quo, where polluters escape regulation and our planet pays the price.

An all out assault on a strong EPA is likely in the works. Big Coal was able to strip the power of EPA to regulate CO2 in the House bill; you can bet it will stop at nothing to take away EPA regulatory power in the Senate.

I just signed a petition to ask my senator to commit to a strong, meaningful climate bill. I hope you will, too. Please have a look and take action.

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