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Friday, October 16, 2009

More on Articulating our Spirituality Today

Before I began my talk at the International Conference on Spirituality, I gave a contemporary reading of what three of our Religious thought was our spirituality. They said that the Society of the Sacred Heart "dedicates itself to the glory of God through its members who are engaged in personal transformation of heart into the Heart of Jesus Christ." This captures both our end and our mission.
They stated that "the essential transmission of this work of the Spirit is through education according to the needs of persons throughout the world. It is transforming and creative effort towards forming human unity and universality into the Whole Christ." Becoming ever more deeply rooted in our own charism, we know that an aspect of our call today is to diversity--an openness to other religions, nationalities, cultures and mentalities, working in a spirit of increasing collaboration and reciprocity among ourselves and with others. For this, we need to educate ourselves to a more informed and reflective consciousness. It is through the fruitfulness of our contemplation that a change in our way of seeing takes place. A continually changing world view affects our life and our understanding of mission, community, and religious experience...the entrance from one world view to another is a sort of conversion experience and cannot be forced.
That is enough to reflect upon today.

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