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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some Thoughts on Mystics & Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Today is the eve of all saints and we put our clocks back tonight. I love the Feast of All Saints and will spend time remembering my favorite friends in heaven - many were mystics, but ordinary mystics and that is our vocation, too!

Something made me pick up a book this morning, When the Lion Roars: A primer for the unsuspecting mystic by Stephen J. Rossetti. I have had this book but thought today that I needed to go back to it and share a few thoughts with my readers. He begins by saying that: A Christian mystic is first of all a Christian, but what is implicit in the Christian life becomes, in the mystic, explicit."

A mystic is "one who is fully alive in a vibrant relationship with God." We are all called to this intimacy.

Rossetti says that the best approach to mysticism is a "reverent silence. To stand before God, and in God, stuns the soul into silence." I guess I am asking myself about the last time I was stunned into silence. However, I do believe that we are called today to be mystics; we are all called to experience God in our daily lives and are blessed often by direct, intimate, immediate intervention of God. We need eyes to see, to thank, and realize that God is here with us now!

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