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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mater, Mother of the Invisible and the Essential

Today is Sunday and two days before the Feast of Mater, but it seems as if she would like me to copy here the little prayer-meditation that was given us yesterday at the Mass in her honor. It was truly an international gathering and many of us wore pink in honor of Mater. I always remember the pink cupcakes on her feast when a child at school.

Under the pressure of over-activity which at times consumes us, disturbs us, or scatters our energies in doing what is visible and accidental, let us come to Mater.

She is the Mother of the Invisible and the Mother of the Essential. Let us ask her to detach us, to free us from all that is not important, to lead us on, and to fix our gaze upon the Invisible which her own eyes look upon.

May she give us the right understanding of the Essential and a hunger for it. One thing alone is necessary, the will of God and the work of God's love. May Mater give us this singleness of vision so that we, too, may see the Invisible and the Essential in all. Amen.

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