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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Florida receives "snowbirds" in winter to enjoy our sunshine

The roads are congested with our winter visitors as a "snowbird" is anyone who comes to winter in Florida, the Sunshine State. We are so fortunate to have wonderful months and the papers told us that we were the only state out of the fifty to not have snow in January! I am sure some places only had snow in the mountains; Florida has no mountains and our winter months are mild and sunny. I did get out a blanket this year, something I have not done for a couple of years. Why am I going on about the weather today? I guess I am thinking of all those who are suffering from the snow and ice; airports were closed, travel disrupted, and what of the homeless who are trying to find shelter in order not to freeze to death.

When I was still in school at St. Charles (1944-48) the Mistress General spoke to us often about "Noblesse oblige" and it seems to have been a motto for us with a plaque at the back of the study hall with names. I cannot remember whether they were names of an outstanding class or of individuals who lived this ideal of Noblesse oblige and I am hoping to have some of my classmates or those before me, enlighten me with their own memories. I am also going to write to the archives and see if they have any knowledge of this. If any of the alums of St. Charles are among my readers and remember anything Mother Flynn told us about that beautiful phrase, "Noblesse oblige", please contact me. It seemed to call forth the best in us as we felt obliged to respond to whatever was being asked of us.


Smiley :) said...

I've never heard about the "noblesse oblige" plaque at ASH, but I do know that the phrase means literally "nobility obliges." People use it to say that if we call ourselves noble people, we have to live up to that title with our actions.

I hope that helps a little!

Helen said...

Dear Smiley,
Thank you for your helpful comment. I hope you like the picture on my blog today as I did write a bit more about "noblesse oblige" as I think it is still influencing me.
Love and prayer,