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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday andBest Colleges Blog

Texas is happy to have this year's Super Bowl!
Today is really the end of the football season and also the time for a party.
I do not usually copy an article sent to me for my blog. However, I read this one about college football coaches and thought that my college students who read this blog might be interested in seeing another blog; those who are involved in following college football, and I am one to some extent, will be interested in this article. I will also send it to my brother as I do not think he reads my blog. The link to the article is found above.

Now, what would be a good spiritual thought for today?
I was just thinking again of one of my favorite quotes from Thomas Merton:
"How does an apple ripen? It just sits in the sun!"
Let us who have sunshine sit in silence and let God's love penetrate our hearts.

I also want to tell you that I will be leaving for Arizona on February 8 for a visit with my brother and his wife first, and then my sister and her husband, and will see both my nephew and his wife and my niece and her husband who will be visiting at the same time and my niece is planning a party that is celebrating her mother's birthday early and many other things while I am there. I will be away from February 8, the 51st anniversary of my final profession, to February 17. I will also be taking a vacation from the computer so I will not be blogging during those nine days that I am away. I promise to reflect though and maybe even prepare some blogs when away. I will write my blog for the next two days and then go on vacation!
Please keep praying for my friend Jane in Scotland and for my friend Caroline as both are dying.

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