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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Superstition Mountain in Arizona

I arrived on February 8 to spend the first five days with my brother and his wife in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Their house is at the foot of Superstition Mountain; when they moved out to Gold Canyon, there were very few streets and only a few stores. Now there are over a thousand homes but it is still so beautiful. They keep the desert colors for the homes and no one has grass in front of their home, but some trees and cactus are planted. It is so different from my sister's home in Scottsdale, less than an hour away. Her gated community has greenery everywhere; there are palm trees and green grass and the houses are often white instead of a desert color.
I promised that I would tell you a bit about my trip. One of the highlights was a train ride with lunch served in a domed dining car while we watched the gorgeous landscape. I would not like to live in Arizona in the summer, but it was wonderful to visit in February and I do love the mountains. The sunsets are so lovely there.
My sister had a big party on Sunday and so I stayed with her and her husband for the next four nights. My niece and her husband were there from Oregon and my nephew and his wife and son came to the party and then we also were together on Monday night. It was good to have the family together, but I am also happy to be home.
I am hoping to catch up with myself today.

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