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Saturday, February 5, 2011

To Live and Love in Joy

What does it mean for me to live and love in Joy? I want to share another tidbit from Our Mother General's conference to our young Religious who made their final profession last Sunday:

"You are ready to live and love with great joy! Like the women after the resurrection, you have known the love and power of the risen Jesus. With them you step out into the future. You run to share the joy of having found the meaning and zest for life, of now perceiving the whole of creation like a melody which energizes and invites us, calls us and impels us to offer our greatest richness, our life with all its learnings, our new selves, for love!"

No matter what our age or state of life, we are all called to live and love with joy! Jesus is risen, Alleluia! We know that we, too, are called to live united to the Heart of Jesus and let Jesus teach us how to live and love in joy. A sad saint is a sorry saint. What can take away our joy? If there are some difficult moments when we suffer because someone rubs us the wrong way, let us think that these are like stones in a brook and make the water sing. If it is the sad news that we know about through the news or friends who are suffering, we still must love in joy and trust all to Jesus. I suspect that this is easier said than done, but I think that I strive to live and love in joy by being grateful; gratitude is one way to express our love and increase our joy. Let us keep thanking Jesus for all the good things in our lives and ask to be more aware of all that we do have to be grateful for every single day!

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