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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On Vacation

I left yesterday for Arizona and a family visit. I will be back on the 17th but expect a blog only a day or so later. Here is a poem by Joyce Rupp that will be good for reflection:
Dry Bones
Tiredness grounds me
Into a quiet stupor
of the spirit.
I yearn to be inspired,
to be lifted up, set free
beyond the place of deadness.
the struggle goes on,
and you and I, God,
we exist together
with seemingly
little communion.
yet in the deepest part of me,
I believe in you,
perhaps more strongly than ever.
I am learning you
as a God of silence,
of darkness, deep and strong.
I do not wrestle anymore,
only wait, only wait,
for you to bring my dry bones
into dancing once again.

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