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Monday, February 21, 2011

A Heart as Big as the World

St. Madeleine Sophie insisted that we were to be wholly contemplative and wholly apostolic. This is not easy but I think it is what makes Religious of the Sacred Heart effective in whatever type of educational ministry we are involved in today. I just read an interesting paper by Sister Barbara Quinn; you can find it on our international website that is listed on the right side of the blog along with an excellent video of the Asian meeting of some of our young professed religious. Barbara writes about the challenges of change and the need to change today. She is speaking about the priority we want to give to youth and how young people want to see the way we live; they are seeking our wisdom and looking for God. They have grown up with a global vision and we need to understand how connected they are to our world. It is amazing to talk to young people today and find that they have so much information at their fingertips; even my five year old grand nephew can text, or so they tell me. College students want to help their world be a better place; they are often more concerned about the environment, about justice for all, and about being open to different ways of seeking God, than some of us who need to learn from youth. Barb Quinn's paper is worth reading no matter what your age so do look at our international website.

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