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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Our Priority for Youth

I told you that Barb Quinn had written a good article on "Our Priority for Youth" and I even quoted from it and told you that it was on our International Website. Today I was reading the History of the Society of the Sacred Heart in North America by Mother Callan. It is a huge and heavy book and I took it with me for the three hour wait I had while my car was having its semi-annual check-up. It is a 1999 Toyota and got the 105,000 mile inspection and I am happy that it is such a good little car that I intend to keep it running smoothly. Anyway, between the History of the Society and Barb Quinn's paper, my reflection centered on my awareness of the needs of youth today and what I am doing about it.

One reason I try to write my daily blog is because I know that young people read blogs and even read mine. I love getting their comments. I realize that young people today are global-minded; they also have a passion for justice and are aware of so much that is not just in our world today. They are searching for love. St. Madeleine Sophie founded the Society to reveal God's love. She wanted us to reach out to youth and let them experience through our love and understanding and care, the love of the Heart of Jesus for each of them. Today, we need also to learn from young people; we also need to be able to help them discover the richness of an interior life, the value of silence, a way of discerning important decisions.
This is a strange reflection but I want to get it on my blog tonight for tomorrow just to help us all be more aware of the mutuality that old and young can find as we face the future of our world together!

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