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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bucket List

When I was in Arizona my brother told me that he had two good movies he wanted to watch again with me. Since I never go to movies, he knew that I would enjoy seeing them on his large TV and with captions so I could really understand the movies. The first was the Bucket List and I hope you have seen it. Two men who are dying make out a list of things to do before death will overtake them (before they "kick the bucker"). It made me think of maybe making my own list of things I want to do while I am still able to do them. The picture I chose today is one that made me think of making the list; it is too late for me to learn to ski, but I am off to my water exercise class now! Let us seize the day and do what we enjoy while we can still do it. Too many of my friends are dying so let us live our lives as fully as possible and be ready to go when God calls us.
My Province has been getting ready for a visit from two of our Central Team by a special focus each week in February. This week is awareness and the reflection ends with these lines:
"Let us pray this week for the grace to become increasingly aware of who we are and of God’s call to us in the midst of our changing relationships with others. We pray for the Spirit to guide us in our discernment of our future as a Province, our mission and life together."
Am I aware of the needs of others? In what way can I integrate my understanding of these needs with the way I live--the daily choices that I make?

Before this week of awareness, we have tried to be open, honest, and generous. I find that it really helps to take a special focus for each week. Perhaps you will like to make this a week of awareness - an awareness of the needs of others as well as an awareness that we must live our lives fully now and do those things that we keep putting off...

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