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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blooming for and with God

"It is for the Master's eye and His pleasure that you must bloom, and eye hath not seen, nor ear heard what He thinks of silent, lonely blooming,and daily efforts to climb, nor what He will say to them when we meet Him."

"However solitary and lonely the way may seem to you, God is there with you. You want Him. Could He possibly fail or forget? He will send you help or give it to you yourself, always in the moment of need; and the very uncertainty of the supplies is the glory of the thing. You live on trust and hope and love..."

I suspect that we are more used to thinking of God dwelling within us, but I feel that Mother Stuart's writing almost a century ago still holds wisdom for us. I remember feeling God's presence so deeply when I was lonely that first year in Chile when I could not speak or understand the language and was struggling to keep discipline with 153 Middle School children. Yet, I know that God was always there with me and gave me the strength to keep on smiling and struggling. The next year I had the entire high school and had just succeeded in getting them to want to do what they were supposed to do when I was asked to take over the grade school as the one in charge had to have a serious operation. I was happy to do so as I loved the younger children, but the first day was bedlam. Again, God was with me and soon we were a model school where the children were happy. I got off on this thinking about how present God was to me in the more difficult moments.

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