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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friendship with God

Mother Stuart said: "You know who is on your side, God has called you, and you must look to Him and lean on Him, not as a Master but as a Friend, on whom you can pour out all the wealth of love that is in you, and one who will always be with you and respond and understand and help, although you will not always see how."

I think the fact that Jesus came to us as a human being and wanting to be friends with us is reason for joy. He calls us friends and wants to be with us and wants us to take all our cares and concerns to Him and talk to Him as one friend talks to another. Sometimes we forget that Jesus is with us waiting for us to talk to Him and to listen to Him. I keep thinking of the word "silent" and how, if we just arrange the letters differently, it really is "listen" - we do listen to our friends, but Jesus speaks when we are silent and can hear His gentle voice so full of love and compassion for each of us.

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