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Friday, September 16, 2011

More from Mother Janet Erskine Stuart

Here are a couple of quotes from my Journal that I think I may not have shared yet; they are from letters of Mother Stuart:
Humble yourself, which means quiet yourself every day under God's hands, and when you find fright invading your soul, or resentment or agitation, trust God and let go of all else. Is He not more than able to keep all right or set it right?.."

That quote is in my prayer Journal and it helps me to go back to it and ask myself if I am really trusting God and letting go of all else...I do like the idea of quieting myself every day under God's hands...Mother Stuart also said, and I may have quoted this before, "The past is God's, the future is His, the present is His and yours together. Be joyful for His sake, inside as well as outside...

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