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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Feast of the Holy Cross

This picture above of the "holy Cross" is found in San Clemente, the oldest Church in Rome that has a fascinating history. You can learn it by descending beneath the Church; each level has its own story. At the bottom is the early Roman ruins. I am thinking today of all the centuries since the Crucifixion and how we have come to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Cross and what this means in each of our lives. I guess it is a "what if" sort of a day but also one that fills me with gratitude. Christ suffered death on the cross for us to show us how much God loves us. How can we doubt His love when we look at the Crucifix?

Here is my quote of the day from Mother Janet Erskine Stuart:
"The external of things, failure, success, scope, influence, acceptability, all these things say very little to me, and I think mean very little to God either. It is the inner tendency of each individual soul to Him, in the old phrase "the heart right with God" which alone matters and chiefly interests me. And God, through all failure, weariness and disappointment with ourselves is working out His harmonies for the future. We can only shut our eyes and do what lies in us and trust Him..."

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