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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Courage, my soul!

Mother Stuart wrote: "Courage, my soul! God has all in His hands!...It will come right somehow. You can do little but pray. It is not good to give one's advice unasked. Pray and be patient and nestle closer than ever to the Sacred Heart of Our Lord, where I hope to find you safe--laughing,soon".

I find myself remembering good advice given to me by some of my really outstanding superiors who were both holy and very human and therefore made a lasting impression on me. One said to me in a moment of exhaustion when I felt I could do no more: "Courage, forward" only it was in Spanish, "Animo! Adelante!!" and gave me such confidence that I did go forward and managed to cram the fifth and last English phonic course required by the Catholic University of Valparaiso for my degree that made me officially a master teacher in Chile. I only found out that I needed this course in the last week before summer vacation that began in December. I spent the week before Christmas "cramming" and passed the examination so that I could graduate and schedule the "Examen de Grado" where I could defend my thesis written during the that summer. The point is that I still hear those words, "Courage, forward" when faced with a difficulty and they have been a lasting grace for me.

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