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Friday, September 9, 2011

More on Prayer

From Mother Stuart:
"Give us Thyself" is the best prayer we can pray, and "we give ourselves to Thee" no better offering. For we do not know what to ask and what to offer. Leave it to Him, but remember that we must and we mean to give all for all.

Often her advice for prayer was just to be there without words. She wrote to one:
"In prayer it is often the very best just to leave yourself face to face with God without saying anything."
I find this is true for me and it reminds me of married couples who so often communicate without words and are just content to sit quietly with each other.

Mother Stuart also wanted our relationship with Jesus to be natural and informal. She said, "Remember that He looks, and cares and takes interest in and enters into every joy or sorrow or duty of your day. Try to look trustfully up to Him in every difficulty...

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