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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Home Again after five weeks in California

It is good to be home again. Irene missed Miami but my heart goes out to all those who are still suffering from the storm and the floods. So many are still without power and I know what that means!
I really had a wonderful time visiting in eight places in California as I was able to stay with friends, family, and in three different RSCJ communities during my time away. California is a beautiful state and I enjoyed seeing it from the air from San Diego to Sacramento, driving from Davis to Novato to Atherton, and then driving to Santa Cruz for three nights after my retreat at Oakwood, our retirement home in Atherton. I felt the prayer for my retreat which was very peaceful and full of joy and gratitude. Now I need to live out all the good resolutions I felt Jesus wanted me to make. So far I am breaking them but remember being told before I left Rome after my final profession, "If you break your resolutions immediately, it is a sign that those are the resolutions that you need and they are good ones."
I am trying to catch up today and start again with my resolutions which mostly concern trying to keep to "an order of day" instead of just letting the time be dictated by whatever seems to be the next thing needed. I want to add more prayer, spiritual reading, time for writing, exercise, etc. but began by taking my car to the garage as it needed more than just an oil change. It is twelve years old so I am happy that I could get it checked yesterday and needed to replace a belt and spark plugs etc. and it is now running better and is a faithful friend. I pray in my little Toyota and so it is something special.

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