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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

God is pleased with us!

Mother Stuart wrote: "How glad I am that you have now the real light about God being pleased with us, for it is most important to believe it. It makes such a difference to our courage. Saint Francis of Sales puts it nicely when he says:'God is content with little, for He well knows that we have not much.'"

Mother Stuart also said: "You cannot think how much our soul depends on what we say to it in our thoughts. Try always to say hopeful and encouraging things, for it is a great and true principle that at the bottom of every discouraging thought there is an untruth and at the bottom of every helpful thought of God and of our soul there is a truth. We must hold to hope and tell ourselves: 'My soul, with God's help, we shall do this and that. We may fall often into daily faults, but in the end all will be well and we shall be with God..." and this is true."

Thoughts matter and we need to protect ours from discouragement. I love to think that God is with me and inspiring me to keep on even when I seem to keep failing in what I want to do for Him. I just find that Mother Stuart has a great deal of very practical wisdom to impart to all of us.

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