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Friday, September 23, 2011

A foundation of rock is so different from a rocky foundation

This picture intrigues me so I am using it instead of Mother Janet Stuart. However, I am going to continue to share quotes from the little booklet, "The Inward Life" as I am trying to schedule ahead.
Mother Stuart wrote: "You have made one very useful experience and it will be of value to you for life, that is, that it is not circumstances but desire that makes the interior man. One may progress in prayer just as much in the high pressure of full work as in the low pressure of less absorbing duties, for if they are allowed to, they expand like gas and tend to fill all the space available. Solitude and external peace do not then make a soul of prayer, but a great desire of God..."

This quote was one that helped me often and still does, but now I am reading it a bit differently as I am not in the high pressure of full work...still, the great thing is the intense desire for God and that comes from God...

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