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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Alone with God

Here is a quote from Thomas Merton sent to me by one of my friends; he is very generous in sharing quotes, poems, and prayers that he thinks I would like so I am sharing this quote with you:

Thomas Merton wrote, “As soon as a man or a woman is fully disposed to be alone with God, they are alone with God no matter where they may be. At that moment they see that though they seem to be in the middle of their journey, they have already arrived at the end. For the life of grace on earth is the beginning of the life of glory. Although they are travelers in time, they have opened their eyes for a moment, in eternity.”

It reminds me of being out on the sleeping porch as a child during a great storm with lots of thunder and lightning and feeling that I was there alone with God. I thought the sky beautiful and had no fear and the rain was cooling the air. I think it was an afternoon storm and I had gone out on the porch to read but found God in an unforgettable way. My eyes were opened to both His greatness and His nearness as I felt surrounded by His tender love. After that experience I remember cherishing times when I was alone with God.

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